Answers to some common questions



What to Bring


Streetcars are popular in New Orleans and may be the quickest and safest means of transportation.

NolaWalkz recommends utilizing Uber service to and from your walking tour. We’ve partnered with Uber drivers that will assist with hotel pickup and dropoff. 

Trip Preparation

Our NolaWALKz t-shirts sell out pretty quickly. It is recommended that you pre-order your t-shirt via our website and we will have the shirt ready for you before the beginning of your tour.

Please wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes. New Orleans can be very humid and hot. 

It is recommended that you bring bottled water for your walking tour to prevent dehydration and exhaustion.

An Important Note About Photography

New Orleans artists are very sensitive about their work. Artist display their work around the city and especially in Jackson Square. Please do not take pictures of their workas it will make the artist very upset. If you are taking a selfie or group photo, it is recommended that you take the picture away from an artists' station.

What to Bring

Please bring your walking tour receipt to confirm your purchase of the walking tour.

All adults should bring a photo-ID to verify their name on the receipt to their identification to ensure proper credit is given.

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